cookiewolf79 said: Jen. Come to Edinburgh with me. Please. I need you in my general vicinity.

If that was at all feasible, yes. There’s always the internet though.

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 cookiewolf79 said: I suppose there’s a reason I look to you for RP help but jfc, Jen.

They asked! Sort of! I kinda just kept going. I’m a forensic science major, I’m weird! Those two are not necessarily linked. Also, I just want to point out that I pretty much live by “It’s only illegal if you get caught.”

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 cookiewolf79 said: Fuck you you better go to the end of the world and back for me or else I’ll kick you to that end.

Well that might be literally true soon, Miss Moving to Scotland.

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Referring to your picture-your freshman year roommate, how she used to straddle her window pane to smoke outside.

Ah, okay, that makes much more sense. Also, I don’t know if I can open the windows that way. If I could I’d be on the little overhang roof of Wright in a heartbeat.

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Just don’t do what Rochelle did.
I have literally no idea what you mean by this comment.

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cookiewolf79 replied to your post: Spent all day yesterday in New York and now…

30 page paper?!

For my research class and we’re supposed to basically build it from the 10 page one from last semester. I also get the bonus of having a professor who’d rather good quality over quantity, so she basically said 25 pages would be acceptable. But I have to tell myself 30 otherwise I won’t even make it to 20. It’s going to hurt either way, but one’s a little better.

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cookiewolf79 replied to your post: So on a quest to make Frozen Mudslides, we found…

It’s market basket, Jen, what’re you expecting, a gourmet market?

I expect it to be organized normally with fresh produce on one side and all the freezers on the other.

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  1. redwesteinde said: That sounds like an amazing day, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself :)

  2. cookiewolf79 said: You make me miss college… Happy birthday (again), glad it was a good one.

Thank you! It really was fantastic.

Also, Hil, the last few years the most I’ve gotten is a joint thing with my best friend, so this is new and certainly something I’ve never had the other years of college.

cookiewolf79 answered your question: So we know how I got my hair buzzed a couple of…

Jen, I think you have an afro. And if you curled it, you’d look like a sheep.

You are not turning me into a sheep. >_>

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cookiewolf79 replied to your post: Holy fucking shit, I just spent the last 15 hours…

I’m jealous of you.

tsunomons replied to your post: Holy fucking shit, I just spent the last 15 hours…


I didn’t mean to! I’m going to sleep around 4 AM which is technically earlier than I usually do and suddenly my mother’s asking if I’m okay because it’s 7 at night.

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